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My Spanish Word Definition Videos

Hi everybody!

I am in a 2nd Grade bilingual English-Spanish program in an American school. Spanish is not easy for me, because at home I don’t speak Spanish (Mostly English, I also hear more Russian and some French). So to better remember my new Spanish words, my dad and I have been recording these Spanish word definition videos. I hope you like them. These are the words for the week from January 5-9, 2015.

Un acontecimiento es un suceso importante


Click HERE to watch all the definition videos for this week’s Spanish words
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How my Chess Pawn was born

BirthPawn650x267Hi everybody!
By now you know I am an artist. Mostly of chess pieces. Here is how I drew my chess pawn, in pencil. Then we put it into Illustrator. We decided not to put the buttons on the pawn as I originally drew. I picked pink because it’s my favorite color. Below you can see all my chess pieces. Note the chess king color is green and the chess queen color is purple, those are our corporate colors, see the banners on the right.
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I designed these Placemats!

20140913_22---Version-2-267This placemat has been entirely designed by me! I have some on sale for $9.99 each + shipping. The best deal is to get 4 at once and then shipping is free. Delivery is free if you live in the same town as me. You may ask: “What will you do with the money?” to which I will answer: “Well, buy candy, of course!”

My custom made Pillows

ChessPillow1-267Hi everybody! Based on my chess pieces design, I created special pillow designs. My whole family has been requesting to get them but unfortunately I only have very few of them as I order them one at a time on Shutterfly and they are quite expensive there.

Welcome to my ChessPrincess Blog!

ChessaHat267Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog. If you are a member of the public, you have access to all my public posts. If you are a close friend or family, request your personal login credentials, and you will have access to much more, my photos, videos, Instagram and YouTube accounts, and more. Enjoy!